We all experience difficulties during our lives and sometimes it can be helpful to talk things through in confidence with someone who is not involved in the situation.

Talking to a counsellor can help to explore issues that are affecting your life and support you with creating coping strategies to help you make changes and move forward.

I offer counselling to individuals who may be experiencing emotional and psychological issues that may be affecting their ability to cope with their lives.  These issues include depression, anxiety, stress and relationship problems.

For couples I offer counselling to help explore issues that may be affecting their relationship.  These issues may be linked to


Losing touch with one another

Family relationships

Reconstructed families

I have a particular interest and experience in working with people whose lives have been affected by adoption.  I have worked with all three corners of the adoption triangle and have many years experience of working with birth families, adoptive families and adoptees and the affect this can have on relationships. This work has been in the form of counselling, intermediary and life story work. I am registered as an Independent Adoption Support Agency with Ofsted.